Period Cube ~Shackles of Amadeus~ Demento Review

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 This is the second review in a series. Some material may be quoted from other reviews.
. Astrum
. Demento
. Radius
. Libera

So, while trying to get the  “bad ending” for Astrum, I stumbled onto Demento’s route.  So then I had to play through his, of course. And after that I discovered the history option which made me feel like a dumbass for even trying to find the bad ending lololol


His route is very short, considering it starts halfway from Astrum’s.

Obviously, he’s twisted. I feel like Demento would have been a great name for the non-messed up character, just to make it ironic or something. Anyway, Demento is a player-killer and enjoys murdering.

That’s pretty much the extent of his characterization. He loves to kill. He uses Kazuha because she’s the Amadeus. And being that Kazuha is just ~so pure~ she follows his whims and her kindness is so deep she’s able to see past his murdering ways… or something. *eye roll*

He sort of “warms up” to her as their story goes along. A sort of wounded animal who starts to trust their caretaker sort of situation. We go back to see him in the real world once. And he lives the sort of life I would imagine a serial killer would.

I’ve read dark romances before. I have to be in a mood for them, but I’m  not completely against them. My main thing against Demento is not the fact that he’s a serial killer, it’s that he’s dull. If he wasn’t a serial killer then what would define him? Absolutely nothing. He kills because he’s bored? He just wants to feel “alive”?

Come on. At least give us a clearly defined motive. Or a creed. Or something to latch onto that defines him other than blind bloodlust. That “edgy hardcore” may have worked in the past, but nowadays even crazed murdering demented psychopath heroes need some sort of depth to them. I mean, even going back as far as Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff was freaking crazy but he had depth to his character!

In the good ending, he has his personality forcefully changed by Shiki. Kazuha still knows the way he was and just… doesn’t care. There’s a nice dialogue that calls back to him being a killer by saying their relationship makes him feel alive.

In the bad ending, he does what he likes to do! And Kazuha learns to like it too!

He gets two kiss CGs at least, but the artist seems to draw the most lukewarm kiss CGs I’ve seen. It’s weird because all the other art is gorgeous. Oh well, maybe the other characters are better.



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