Gemini’s Nasty Prank Review

Hmm… I have mixed feelings on this manga.


I love the secret relationship trope. I hate when secret relationship=cheating. That’s not cool, not cool at all. But like the last manga I read, it had several good reviews that suckered me into trying it. I’m aware that the title itself is called Gemini’s Nasty Prank – Sex with my Fiance’s Brother so really, all of my gripes about that aspect of the plot are entirely my fault. It tells you exactly what you’re getting into when you read it.

The good – the art is rather nice. The steamy scenes, which are more hinted than actual full-on steam, are good too, especially if you like the super assertive type.

The bad — well, it’s a cheating relationship. Ugh. The heroine, Mimo, on the scale of quick-witted heroines, ranks at about one mile/kilometer per hour. She’s dumber than your usual dumb heroine.

This all starts with Yoh wanting his twin brother Shin’s fiancee which is Mimo. Yoh and Shin are opposite in personality. When Mimo and Yoh are alone, Yoh basically insinuates that he can outdo his brother in the bedroom. She brushes him off, but one day she sees Yoh and mistakes him for Shin. Yoh takes advantage of it and they have a little kissing and heavy petting, which puts her on course for — “I shouldn’t but I want to cheat with my fiance’s twin brother”.

And they do. When Shin’s back is turned they’re sneaking around. I think the worst scene was when Shin passed out on the floor and Yoh and Mimo got in on next to him. Yeah, they did that.

So in the end, because the heroine must be absolved of all wrongdoing, we find out that the twins switched when they met. She met Yoh first and not knowing Yoh had a twin, met Shin, who asked her out knowing that she mistook him for his brother and basically stole her away from Yoh.

But she still had a relationship with Shin for two years and agreed to marry him.

So even though it was a shady beginning, she still fell in love with Shin enough to stay with him and marry him.

How does this make anything fair?

I just… ugh. IDK why I even read all of it. I guess it was hate reading.

If this is your fetish, you may enjoy this. Outside of the ending, the steamy scenes were well-crafted and the art is great. But if you’re like me and don’t like to read about these sorts of things, you won’t like it. I don’t really know how I should categorize it. Three hearts if you’re okay with it and zero if you’re not?

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