My First Last Kiss — Ichiya Misono “His POV” Review

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. And the answer is, I was bored and curious. So even though I wasn’t too keen on Mr. Misono, I was still curious on how certain scenes in the beginning would change based on his point of view.

The simple answer: He’s a bigger jerkface mcjerkins douchebag than I ever could have imagined. madmad

In fact, he only starts to get nice in the last two chapters. Out of six.

Okay, let’s step back, and do some pictorial evidence:

It’s no secret in the beginning he thinks she is someone to be used for his personal gain. No surprise here. After Ayato finds out about the pretend relationship, he decides to have a little talk.

On one hand, I can see where people would say he’s being sarcastic. Except my reaction is much like Ayato. At this point in the story, we barely know him. It really doesn’t sound like a joke, considering he just cornered her in the elevator and talked about forcing her to follow his whims. Along with the fact he even chose her to start with because she was “stupid” and wouldn’t give him trouble.

So this entire conversation is creepy and Ichiya is… not a very nice person, to put it lightly.

The next scene the POV route touches upon is the “Ex catches them together” scene.

How on any planet is that not a rape-y sounding line? I still get chills reading it. And then, to make matters worse, it’s followed by THIS:

Congratulations, a creepy scene in her POV is made even creepier. I don’t know how they did it. Amazing.

It plays out like it did in her route — she gets upset, slaps him, cries, and leaves. And Mr. Genius has this to say about it:

NATURAL, you say?

Oooooohhhhh did you finally realize????????


Yes, later he realizes he loves her. And he even starts noticing the important things, like:

She doesn’t look like she’s terrified of him.

My god, she’s my soulmate!

Even on the pivotal kiss scene, he’s thinking about how much he hates all of this and kisses her on a whim, only deciding afterwards that maybe he has feelings for her. Yeah, I get the whole denial thing, but he already kissed her on a whim at the beginning of the story, and this was the point where you felt like they were finally starting to get close in her route, only to have him actually be thinking of his usual nonsense the entire time.

So then we finally get the first actually romantic screen:

And I can’t feel happy because all of the other stuff up to this point has sufficiently turned me off.

In fact, I’m so turned off I want to retrospectively go back and give his original route a zero score.

So let’s leave you with…

Oh, way to make what was originally a cute moment that seemed playful in her pov now a possessive scary asshole moment.

In short, this man is trash his stories are trash and he is awarded no points on basis of <insert copious curse words describing how nasty I felt inside after reading his route>

I would like to say this: I love the tsundere routes. I love strong willed men. I love the cranky men. But he took a long time to turn around to the kind side. He was pushy to the point he made MC cry, had some really borderline rape-y moments, and in general made my stomach churn. There are great assertive “jerk” routes in Voltage’s games. This is not one of them.

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